At Bosio we try to view each project from start to finish with a special 360° integral approach, which enables us to develop solutions and shed light to new ideas that bring best results for our customer. Among special projects we also count the 25 m vertical split-type furnace with sprayer, which is shown on the right side. 


Our 360° approach has 5 key steps: 

  1. ANALYSIS Collection of customer requirements and specifications data.We offer support with comprehensive high engineering options and innovative solutions.
  2. DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Technical design stage, which takes place within the company and is developed by a team of our professional engineers, in accordance with the customer input data and reference standards. We use the most advanced software and programs.
  3. PRODUCTION & ASSEMBLY Construction and assembly phase,where all production phases are carried out internally by our professionals.Meeting with all the standards and safety regulations, also thanks to our long tradition and collected know-how.
  4. TESTING & COMMISSIONING Every product is tested to meet the highest technical standards. Testing is carried out internally with a team of our engineers and technicians. Our technicians and engineers have significant international experience in monitoring,inspecting and testing of each operating phase, thus providing on-site assistance during the final delivery of the equipment.
  5. AFTER SALES We offer after sales assistance, which includes on-site training, preventive and scheduled maintenance,technical support and telephone assistance.