Pit Furnace

We offer a variety of pit furnaces with: 
  • Batch height up to 25 meters 
  • Batch diameter up to 5 meters 
  • Batch weight up to 200 tons 
Most often the pit furnaces are used in the automotive industry for crankshafts, in the aircraft industry for tooth wheels, in the machine building industry for shafts and chains, in the mining industry for drilling rods and in the wind and marine industry. 


Our pit furnaces can be fuel fired or electric powered, meanwhile they are in both cases easy to operate and control. All of our top loading furnaces have rugged, reinforced shells and high quality insulation. 


Bosio pit furnaces are engineered in such a way that they provide long service life, ease of maintenance and optimum thermal efficiency. 

Among the technological applications of pit furnaces one can define the following: 

  • Gas carburizing 
  • Hardening 
  • Bright Annealing 
  • Normalising 
  • Carbonitriding 
  • Tempering